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An Insiders guide to Rent a Vine; Picking and crushing grapes

Rent a Vine Workshop: Picking and Crushing by Eliesha Rae   The morning of Workshop 2 dawned, less bright and sunny and more extremely overcast and drizzly than one might have hoped for. But as it turns out, bright and sunny isn’t necessarily the weather you’re looking for when it comes to grape picking, and […]

Chef at Home Series- Hugh from Little Green Corner

Little Green Corner

What do Chef’s cook when they have a moment at home? Well, things have been a bit different as of late… Am I right? Some of us are making sourdough bread others growing their own vegetables and putting chook pens on their balconies…  One thing is for sure,  we are all spending a hell of […]

Take Away in Isolation; Geelong, Torquay, Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula

REstaurant Meals at Home with Austin's

Indulge in a delicious restaurant meal… at home Are you and your partner loving life in isolation together?  Perhaps you have also got kids to add to the equation and really need a reminder of why it is you chose to be together in the first place.  We have a solution!  good a time as […]

An Insiders Guide to Rent a Vine; Pinot Noir Tasting

pinot noir wine tasting rent a vine

Rent a Vine Workshop: Pinot Noir Tasting by Eliesha Rae What do hunting polar bears in the Arctic Circle, rock climbing in full drag, and winemaking all have in common? It’s no secret that you’re more likely to meet like minded people when you’re doing something particularly niche.  What do hunting polar bears in the […]

What does “clone” mean when it comes to wine? 

what is a pinot noir clone

What is a clone and what are pinot noir clones?  So what does clone mean when it comes to wine? The English word clone is based on a Greek word for twig and refers to the practice of generating a new plant, genetically identical to its parent, by taking and propagating a cutting.  Unlike hybrids […]


Austins Rent a Vine

Love wine but always eager to learn more? Always dreamed of making your own wine? Keen to learn directly from a winemaker? Here’s one to tick off the bucket list! Take your interest in wine to the next level with a year-long, fully immersive experience. Through Austin’s new Rent a Vine program, you can create […]

Our results for the 2020 Halliday Wine Companion

Halliday Wine Companion award results for Austin's

5 red star winery – again! We have maintained our 5 red star winery rating for the third year running. What does this mean? Outstanding winery regularly producing wines of exemplary quality and typicity. Will have at least two wines rated at 95 points or above, and had a five-star rating for the previous two […]