The Austin's Story

A note from the Austin’s, Australian Winemakers since 1982

“Wine is for sharing. Grown in the rich limestone soils and cool climes of the Moorabool Valley, Geelong, our wine is perfect for celebrating life’s best moments, big and small.”

We hope you enjoy these wines from our home in Victoria’s beautiful Moorabool Valley. Our family of winemakers have a simple philosophy: we make exceptional wines to enjoy with our friends. We take immense pride in our produce. The wines are a great expression of ourselves, the winemaking and viticulture team and the wonderful region of origin.

The Austin’s vines are over 20 years old, producing quality fruit that our winemakers craft into exceptional wines. They are fruit forward, ready-to-drink-now wines that can be cellared and developed in bottle over the coming years. Our hope is that you enjoy every drop as you create memories and special moments to cherish.

We want to harness 30 years of Austin’s winemaking history, we are driven to reshape the ‘typical’ Australian fine wine occasion into a vibrant, exploratory and welcoming experience.

As second-generation vineyard owners, we are extremely proud our modest beginning as a small, family-run operation. We continue to create quality wine to be enjoyed with family and friends in an authentic, welcoming and enriching experience.

Invite your friends and family, pull up a chair, raise a glass and let’s make memories.

Scott & Belinda Austin

A family of the vines

In 1982, Pamela and Richard Austin purchased a small five-acre block in Waurn Ponds, Victoria. Driven by a desire to grow grapes and make wine to be enjoyed with their friends around the dinner table, they developed a small vineyard of three acres.

This passion evolved over time and in 1990 they purchased acreage in the Moorabool Valley and set about planting a new vineyard. Over the course of five years they established 150 acres of vines and Austin’s Wines was born.

Winemaking was in the family bloodline. In 2008 their son Scott took ownership of the business and was later joined by his wife Belinda and their four children Spencer, Delilah, Huxley and Arlo.

Scott Austin


Belinda Austin

Marketing and Communications

Dwayne Cunningham


Geelong Wines Cellar Door Staff of the Year



Tim James is sat in the Cellar Door near the window holding a glass of wine.



Alex Demeo

vineyard manager



Pamela Austin


The Austin’s history


  • Austin’s was founded by Pamela and Richard due to a love of wine and the enjoyment of socialising with family and friends over a bottle.
  • Richard tried his hand at making the wine himself in the first year, resulting in the appointment of a winemaker in its second year. This allowed Richard to concentrate on what he does best, tending to the property and the vines.

1985 -1990

  • Pam hand-sold the wines to premium restaurants in Melbourne, Sydney and Noosa. She would often sneak a bottle in her handbag while dining out and then pull out a bottle when the sommelier had a spare minute. She always had a true passion and belief in the wines.


  • After 150 acres of vineyard was planted, there was a bumper crop and Richard called upon Scott to help sell the wine.
  • Scott travelled the world selling wines until the global financial crisis hit in 2008. Scott then focused on domestic sales.


  • Scott and Belinda met in 2012, within three months they were expecting and in 2013 their first son, Spencer was born.
  • Belinda took a role in the business to assist with marketing and before long she was managing the business alongside Scott.

In recent years

  • They have expanded their family and now have Delilah, Huxley and Arlo. 
  • The Austin’s Cellar Door opened in February 2022, a 10 year dream of the business.
  • In 2022 Pamela and Richard were inducted into the Geelong Wine Hall of Fame