Over 30 years of winemaking history

Harnessing more than 30 years of winemaking experience, Austin’s is dedicated to growing and producing single vineyard, premium wines proudly made for special occasions.  We want to encourage, educate, inform, share and demonstrate how premium wine can be enjoyed on several levels.

Specialising in the production of pinot noir, extending its range to include riesling, chardonnay, shiraz and most recently, limited release varietals; cuvee and late harvest riesling.

With experienced Chief Winemaker, Duncan Lowe at the helm, the Austin’s winemaking team’s philosophy is to respect the quality of the fruit and the Moorabool Valley terroir, bringing balance and harmony of both the structural components and flavour of wine. This results in refined, precise, balanced wines, with a strong fruit focus. ​


Sitting on the ocean floor some 20,000 years ago, only to be reclaimed as land by millennia of volcanic activity, Geelong’s Moorabool Valley sub-region is made up of a tough limestone and basalt base, which forms this sub-region’s unique terroir; providing ideal free-draining soil for our grapevines.

Moorabool Valley’s cool climate is largely continental by nature but still moderated to some extent by its proximity to the ocean, providing perfect conditions to grow world-class wines. All vines are planted north–south, trained vertically, and canopies are managed to provide sufficient light and air into the fruit zone, maximising quality and vine health. Judicious irrigation is applied during the growing season to maintain healthy vine growth to assist even ripening, which is the key to quality fruit.

Senior Winemaker: Duncan Lowe

Duncan has 15 years experience in the wine industry with vintages at Mt Langy Ghiran in Grampions, Broken Wood in the Hunter Valley and a few years with our neighbours in New Zealand. For the past 6 years Duncan has made the Moorabool valley his home while working at Rowsley Fault, Bannockburn Vineyards and most recently Austin’s. Duncan has a minimal intervention approach to winemaking with the belief that good wine is made in the vineyard and the less he does, the better.

Austin’s Winemaker 2017-2019: John Durham. John Durham has over 40 years winemaking experience with much of his career producing wines in the Margaret River region in wineries such as Cape Mentelle and Plantagenet Wines. He has had his hand in finishing off the 2016 vintages and all wines from 2017 to 2019 are reflective of his winemaking philosophy; balance and harmony in the structural components and flavour of wine. 

Duncan Lowe, Austins Winery - Moorabool Valley - Winemaker