Learn the ins and outs of winemaking when you are a WonderVine member. With behind the scenes access to the vineyard and winery, you will discover wine from vine to glass. There is no cost to attend these workshops, they are included in your WonderVine Wine Club membership. 


Behind the scenes access to our vineyard and winery, exclusive to WonderVine members.

Hands-on learning with exclusive workshops throughout the year (attend one or all).

Hands-on contribution to our Austin's Pinot Noir. Be part of making our flagship wine.

Be the first to enjoy the Austin's Pinot Noir at your exclusive wine club price.


Get your hands dirty and discover the ins and outs of a working winery, from vineyard to glass.

Picking and Crushing

Discover the vineyard and help us pick Pinot Noir. Dwayne and Alex will teach you how to pick fruit and you will be a pair of secateurs to begin the task.  Once the fruit is picked, head to the winery where you will discover the process from pressing to barrel and have a chance to crush the fruit with your feet.

Vineyard pruning

In this workshop you will learn how to prune vines and the different methods which this can be done. This integral part of the viticulture process affects the amount and quality of fruit that will be produced in harvest.

Bring your coat and warm up afterwards tasting the pinot noir wine straight from barrel.

Wine Blending

Blending plays an absolutely vital role in winemaking, it improves the wine and adds complexity, balance or age-ability.

In this workshop you will learn how to blend pinot noir and get a sneak peek into its maturation journey.

meet the team

Dwayne Cunningham is our winemaker and has an ability to explain wine in ways that people can understand easily. He has recently moved over from South Australia where he was the winemaker at Paxton wines.

Dwayne hosts all of the winery aspects of the workshops.

Scott  Austin is a proud second generation owners who love getting to know the WonderVine member. We would say they are more the social drinkers, than hosts, but they love to get involved in as many  workshops as possible.

They would love nothing more than a yarn and a glass of wine with you.

Alex Demeo is our Viticulturist here at Austin’s. 
With over seven years experience, including time in New Zealand, California, Heathocte, Tasmania and recently at Lethbridge wines. 

Alex hosts the pruning workshop.