A note from Scott Austin, Managing Director

As the sun sets tonight on a far too chilly day, so soon after Autumn and so early in Winter, we are reminded once again that it’s the force of nature that determines much of what we face on a day to day basis when tending to a vineyard.  The sheer amount of rainfall, being higher so far than historic averages (which let’s face it is merely a statistic and not a precursor to any future predictability), has soaked well into the vineyard floor and is a welcome start to store moisture in these soils ready for a new start in Spring.  The casual observer might argue that the wet and muddy driveway is not so desirable however it’s a growers delight to have decent rainfall throughout the winter season.  The rivers get a good flush, a natural cleanse and replenish the stocks that have been harvested throughout a thirsty summer.  At Austins, we have a ‘winter fall’ water license of 100 megalitre which grants us the rights to pump fresh water from the Moorabool River up to our storage dam during Winter months and only when the authorities give the green light based purely on the health of the waterway itself and giving consideration to all those who possess an off take license.  So far so good in 2022.

Austin’s Cellar Door

At Austins (and perhaps like many for obvious reasons), we have experienced change recently like no other time I can recall in my mere (circa) 20 years here. It feels like more in one year than in a previous decade.  Bringing new people into our business, generating new and exciting products, opening our property and way of life to the awesome people that have supported our wines over the journey by opening a tasting room, a conversion of a 1960’s shearing shed (fully operational last year btw), this has been a mammoth effort and exciting challenge that has kept us awake at night for two reasons.  Firstly the daunting task and the investment of time and man hours and I guess a few bucks as well, but secondly, its kept us awake through shear enjoyment and the excitement of what we have created and the feedback of our generous customers and the events that our team continue to dream up and deliver.  It’s fantastic, such a cool change up to our traditional business over the last two decades.

Life on the farm continues to be eventful and unpredictable.  Our family unit has grown over the years to three beautiful children and with the youngest just weeks or even days from being toilet trained we find out that there is in fact a number 4.  Yes, a fourth amazing little human to join our clan of future grape growers and winemakers, like we’ll ever have a say in this huh.  We couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce another boy due late October.

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