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Vintage 2021; a vintage to remember

New Year, New Winemaker – 2021 will be a vintage to remember! It’s that time of year again and we have been hard at work in the vineyard harvesting what will become our 2021 releases. Early indications are that the pick is looking good, and the wines made from this year’s vintage are going to […]

Rent a Vine Harvest 2021; let’s pick!

rent a vine

This guest blog post is written by Eliesha Rae, a returning Rent a Vine participant, wine lover and writer extraordinaire. New year, new winemaker, new wine, new crew. There are not many things that could tempt me away from my brand-new puppy’s first day at Puppy School…Harvest day at Rent a Vine?  Is one of […]

Meet the Artist: Natalie Anderson

When we were brainstorming ideas for a limited edition wine label, we were really eager to capture the beauty of the Moorabool Valley and highlight the unique aspect of our prospective cellar door. As long-time admirers of art, we’ve long-known Natalie Anderson and she immediately came to mind as someone we would love to capture […]

Austin’s wine and cheese pairing guide

Become a wine and cheese matching expert And find links to our top local cheese producers Is there anything better than devouring a delicious cheese board paired with just the right glass, or bottle of wine? [no is most likely the answer]. Add in some great company and you have the perfect trifecta for a […]

Cheese and Wine Packs – Melbourne and Geelong Delivery

Support local with our ultimate cheese and wine night in.  Geelong and Melbourne, are you ready for the ultimate night in? We have a cheese and wine delivery ready for your weekend. Let us provide you with the perfect cheese and wine pairings including four Austin’s Wines  paired with delicious locally made L’Artisan Cheeses, crackers […]

Vintage 2020 Report from the Winemaker

Vintage 2020 was a slow start… With a later flowering in 2019 due to a cooler than average spring, the 2020 vintage was always going to be slow to start. The poor flowering conditions also contributed to lower number of bunches and smaller berries. Going into the 2020 season we were confident on quality and […]

Emma Hanley’s Goujeres Recipe. Austin’s Chef at home series.

Chef at Home Series with Austins Wines and Emma Hanley

Goujeres Recipe with Emma Hanley.  This week we are lucky enough to have Emma Hanley  Sous Chef at Supernormal and recent Coronavirus inspired founder of ‘Knife n Forks’ and she has prepared a delicious Goujeres Recipe for you to follow at home. Originally from New Zealand Emma has travelled the world honing her craft.  From […]

Chef at Home Series- Hugh from Little Green Corner

Little Green Corner

What do Chef’s cook when they have a moment at home? Well, things have been a bit different as of late… Am I right? Some of us are making sourdough bread others growing their own vegetables and putting chook pens on their balconies…  One thing is for sure,  we are all spending a hell of […]

Take Away in Isolation; Geelong, Torquay, Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula

REstaurant Meals at Home with Austin's

Indulge in a delicious restaurant meal… at home Are you and your partner loving life in isolation together?  Perhaps you have also got kids to add to the equation and really need a reminder of why it is you chose to be together in the first place.  We have a solution!  good a time as […]