Movida X Austin’s Delivered

Movida Lorne is now delivering directly to Geelong every Friday.

Have you been watching all of those fabulous Melbourne restaurants delivering delicious meals directly to people’s homes?  Are you like me and whilst feeling gutted that we are all in this lockdown situation also feeling slightly envious that our Melbourne neighbours have this greatness being delivered to their doors on a daily basis?  Well Geelong and The Surfcoast, we are here to tell you that hope is not lost.  Movida Lorne is now delivering directly to you every Friday.

Now is the time to step up and support your local restaurants through these tough times so that we can all enjoy them together again sometime in the future.  

How to Order

To order you will need to click on this link , choose your pack and follow the links.

Friday afternoon last week I was delivered a Menu Del Dia box from Movida to my house in Paraparap.  There are a few different boxes to choose from. First thing I did was crack open a bottle of Austins Cuvee whilst I contemplated how I would plate this delectable feast.  Why not get a little bit fancy whilst in lockdown!  Cue swapping my cap for a chef’s hat and the trackies for something a little more sleek…

What was in the Menu Del Dia

What was in this delicious bag of tricks?  A lot.  I felt like Mary Poppins!

I ordered the Menu Del Dia with matching Austins Wines $220 (valued at $340).  This box was filled to the brim and fit for a king (or queen!).  Enough to feed 4 people in one sitting or if you are a couple you should have dinner covered for the whole weekend!

Included was:

  1. El pan-Freshly baked MoVida sourdough 
  2. Aceitunas- marinated green olives with citrus, garlic and thyme. 
  3. Jamon iberico- carrasco jamon iberico shoulder aged 24 months 
  4. Carrillrra de buey- pedro ximenez braised beef cheek with cauliflower puree 
  5. Chillendron- pyrenees style slow cooked Birregurra lamb shoulder, red pepper, fino sherry.
  6. Albondigas- Otway pork meatballs, fabada beans almond and alborinio sauce 
  7. Acelgas con garbanzos – moorish spiced chickpeas and silverbeet 
  8. Remolacha- roasted beetroot and goats curd salad. 

A bottle of Austin’s Chardonnay + Austin’s Pinot Noir and a $50 MoVida Lorne voucher valid Sun – Thurs til 24/12/2020. 

Orders need to be placed no later than midday on Thursday for delivery to your door on Friday afternoon.

How I prepared the food…

These meals were so easy to put together.  To start I served up the jamon, olives and bread alongside some of the cheeses from our Austins cheese and wine packs on a nice wooden chopping block.  I charred the bread and rubbed with tomato and garlic AKA Pan Con Tomate.  This is a really great way to serve that melt in your mouth Jamon Iberico. 

For the main event, I simply filled a large pot with water and allowed the hot dishes to simmer in their cryovaced packages for 15mins or until hot.  You can also heat in a pan however this requires more washing up and I wasn’t interested in doing too many dishes.  It was date night after all!

Wash all of this down with some delicious wine and BOOM.  You have just created the perfect little love-in at home. 

I don’t expect you will be in bed with just your laptop this Friday if you know what I mean….

Liz x

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