Take Away in Isolation; Geelong, Torquay, Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula

REstaurant Meals at Home with Austin's

Indulge in a delicious restaurant meal… at home

Are you and your partner loving life in isolation together?  Perhaps you have also got kids to add to the equation and really need a reminder of why it is you chose to be together in the first place.  We have a solution!  good a time as any to indulge in a delicious restaurant meal at home – paired with one of our wines of course.  Let’s find that magic again shall we!

We have spent the last few days scouring Instagram for some worthy date night meals and have collated a little list to assist you with bringing that romance back whilst living in isolation together.  Take a peak.  Have a taste.  Enjoy your night.  For your convenience we have included the Instagram handles for each venue so that you can keep up to date with the ever evolving menu options and perhaps even support them as a new follower/customer…  #makeitadatewithaustins


Maha Go Melbourne

Maha Go @mahagomelbourne – https://maharestaurant.com.au/

Tommy Collins @tommycollinsag – https://www.tommycollinsag.com.au/home

Peter Rowland @peterrowlandau – https://www.peterrowland.com.au/

Matilda @matilda159domain – https://www.matilda159.com/

Bahari Richmond @bahari_richmond – https://www.bahari-richmond.com.au/

Navi Home @restaurantnavi – https://www.restaurantnavi.com.au/navihome

Attica at Home @atticamelbourne – https://www.attica.com.au/

Marion @marion_wine – https://marionwine.com.au/

Chin Chin @chinchin – https://www.chinchinrestaurant.com.au/

Doc Delicatessen @doc_gastronomia – https://docgroup.net/


Geelong and Surrounds

Box Office Café @boxofficecafe – https://www.boxofficecafe.com.au/

Tulip @tulipbarrestaurant – https://www.tuliprestaurant.com.au/

Alma @alma_geelong – https://www.almarestaurant.com.au/

Bistrot St Jean @bistrotstjean – http://bistrot.com.au/

The Hot Chicken Project @thehotchickenproject – https://www.thehotchickenproject.com/

Bistrot Plume @bistrotplume – http://www.bistrotplume.com.au/

Eastern Spice @easternspiceau – https://easternspice.com.au/

Tomodachi @tomodachi_izakaya_bar – https://www.facebook.com/tomodachiizakayabar/

Wah Wah Gee @wahwahgee – https://wahwahgee.com.au/

Nova Balinese Kitchen @novabalinesekitchen – http://novabalinesekitchen.com.au/

Barwon Edge @barwonedge – http://www.barwonedge.com.au/

At the Heads @attheheads – http://www.attheheads.com.au/

Café Go @cafe_go – https://cafego.com.au/

Black Bull Tapas @blackbbulltapasgeelong – https://www.blackbulltapas.com.au/

Baah Lah @baahlah – https://www.baahlahdining.com/

Donco @donco_on_pako – https://www.donco-k.com/



Roku Den @rokuden – https://www.rokuden.com.au/

Samesyn @samesynrestaurant – https://www.samesyn.com.au/

Swell Café @swell_cafe – https://www.facebook.com/swellcafejanjuc/?rf=437964126271460

Alisitos @alisitos_torquay – https://www.alisitos.com.au/

Il Matto @illmattotorquay – http://ilmatto.com.au/


Mornington Peninsula:

The Somers General @thesomersgeneral – https://www.thesomersgeneral.com.au/

Bistro Elba @bistroelba – https://www.bistroelba.com.au/

Le Capucin @lecapucin_portsea – https://lecapucin.com.au/

Morgans Sorrento @morgans_sorrento – https://morganssorrento.com.au/

Radio Luna @radioluna3944 – https://m.facebook.com/radiolunaportsea/

Atlantic Group at Home @atlanticgroup – https://atlanticgroup.com.au/

10 minutes by Tractor @10xtractor – https://www.tenminutesbytractor.com.au/

Sardo Sorrento @sardo_sorrento – https://sardosorrento.com/

Doc Delicatessen @doc_gastronomia – https://docgroup.net/

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