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Support local with our ultimate cheese and wine night in. 

Geelong and Melbourne, are you ready for the ultimate night in? We have a cheese and wine delivery ready for your weekend. Let us provide you with the perfect cheese and wine pairings including four Austin’s Wines  paired with delicious locally made L’Artisan Cheeses, crackers and quince paste. We will also include a wine guide and a cheese & wine pairing guide, all delivered to your door for a great weekend.

Due to popular demand we are now taking orders and delivering these packs until the end of December 2020 


Here at Austins we have a great appreciation for enjoying our wine with friends, with food and most of all with cheese.  Lately having spent more time away from our friends and our favourite bars and restaurants than we would like due to Covid we have been compelled to create a little something special for our loyal customers to enjoy at home in smaller groups with their friends.  

We are bringing a wine & cheese tasting experience to your door. 

Get together with your partner, friend or workmates and taste our wine and cheese pairings within the comfort of your own home.


We are supporting local producers, partnering with L’Artisan cheese and The Fresh Food Merchant. L’Artisan was founded by one of our favourite local cheese makers Matthieu Megard, a third generation French Cheese Maker. He has a brilliant range of organic cheeses made using traditional French Methods. 

L’Artisan cheeses highlight the terroir of the Great Ocean Road using pesticide free, organic jersey milk from The Smith Family Organic Farm on the Great Ocean Road.  These Jersey cows are not fed any silage which makes for happy cows and in turn great quality milk and cheese.

These cheese packs will be sold through our online store and distributed by The Fresh Food Merchant.  For those of you that have been following us during these testing times you will know that we have built a relationship with Ash and Lisa from The Fresh Food Merchant. They have assisted us with local deliveries of our wines of late alongside some of the best and freshest produce that Geelong has to offer.


Included in this tasting pack are four bottles of our Austins Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Shiraz along with each of the below L’Artisan cheese a packet of crackers and some quince paste.  


Order via our website by  Thursday by 3pm for a  Friday delivery.

If you are looking for more than just our wine and cheese pairing package The Fresh Food Merchant are offering to deliver daily to surrounding areas for a $10 fee .  Click here to order and write cheese and wine pack in the bottle shop section:  


You can purchase our tasting pack online and we will send you our cheese and pairing guide with our top pairings that you can purchase from your local delicatessen or food merchant.

The Austins Tasting pack  includes standard delivery in Australia.


The ultimate night in. Let us provide you with the perfect cheese and wine pairings with five packs to choose from:

Austin’s Cheese and Wine Pack

For that special night in

  • Austin’s Riesling 2018
  • Austin’s Chardonnay 2018
  • Austin’s Pinot Noir 2018
  • Austin’s Shiraz 2017

Cheese pack via Fresh Food Merchant

  • 4 x local cheeses,
  • L’Artisan Extravagant 150gms
  • L’Artisan Fermier 200gms
  • L’Artisan petit rouge 180gms
  • L’Artisan Gruyere 150gms
  • Crackers
  • Quince paste

Includes printed wine guide and printed cheese and wine pairing guide.

Cost $199 (valued at $269)

Stripe Society Wine Club

6Ft6 Cheese and Wine Pack

The good times pack

  • 6Ft6 Pinot Gris
  • 6Ft6 Rosé
  • 6ft6 Pinot Noir
  • 6Ft6 Shiraz

Cheese pack via Fresh Food Merchant

  • L’Artisan Extravagant 150gms
  • L’Artisan Fermier 200gms
  • L’Artisan Petit Rouge 180gms
  • L’Artisan Gruyere 150gms
  • Crackers
  • Quince paste

Includes printed wine guide and printed cheese and wine pairing guide.

Cost $139 (valued at $170)

White Wine & Cheese Pack 

  • 6Ft6 Pinot Gris
  • Austin’s Riesling
  • Austin’s Chardonnay

Cheese pack via Fresh Food Merchant

  • Meredith Ashed Chevre 180gms
  • L’Artisan Extravant 150gms
  • Fermier 200gms
  • Crackers & quince paste

$120 (valued at $145)

Red Wine & Cheese Pack

  • 6Ft6 Pinot Noir
  • Austin’s Pinot Noir
  • Austin’s Shiraz

Cheese pack via Fresh Food Merchant

  • Mountain Man 180gms
  • Fermier 200gms
  • Extravagant 150gms
  • Crackers & quince paste

$130 (valued $155)

Sparkling Pack

  • 6Ft6 Prosecco
  • Austin’s Cuvée

Cheese pack via Fresh Food Merchant

  • L’Artisan Mountain Man 180gms
  • Mepunga Gruyere 180gms
  • Crackers & quince paste

$85 (Valued at $99)


EXTRAVAGANT — with Austin’s Riesling

This lush Triple Cream with a mild creamy taste is truly extravagant. With age it becomes picante. 150g

FERMIER — with Austin’s Chardonnay

A distinctive streak of charcoal marks the centre of this semi-hard organic cow’s milk cheese. Full-flavoured with a lingering nuttiness and rustic washed rind, Fermier pairs nicely with full-bodied white wines. 150g

PETIT ROUGE — with Austin’s Pinot Noir

A strong Washed Rind, this little number has vigorous pungent flavours, yet is complex with a surprisingly oozy texture when ripe. 180g

MEPUNGA GRUYERE — With Austin’s Shiraz

This beauty looks like it comes straight from an Alpage, yet tastes like the shipwreck coast, sweet and wild. 150g 

Austins Tasting Pack


Austin’s Riesling 2018: A fresh and vibrant wine with intense aromatics and a zesty, clean acid edge.

Austin’s Chardonnay 2018: A silky, rich and smooth chardonnay with flavours of vanilla bean and creamy nougat in a silky, satin-like texture.

Austin’s Pinot Noir 2018: A multi-clone blend of our finest barrels are used to produce this complex, well-balanced pinot noir that bursts with lush, textured fruit and savoury oak flavours.

Austin’s Shiraz 2017: A cool-climate shiraz that is peppery, creamy and delivers ample of boysenberry and cherry flavours. A rich, yet fresh, medium-bodied wine that is lush and savoury.

Order today for delivery this Friday!

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