Easy Pinot Noir Poached Pears Recipe

Do you want a dessert recipe that isn’t overly sweet and will give a wow factor to the end of the meal? These poached pears, bring a touch of colour and a delicious end to our wine recipes with Smith & Co. Foods.  A perfect poached pear is ideal for year-round enjoyment – a sweet, simple and elegant recipe made using Austins & Co. Pinot Noir. 

 Not only are they a delicious dessert during a cold winter night with a dollop of decadent cream or rich mascarpone, they can also act as an elegant Sunday brunch dish with granola or muesli, or even sliced as a side with a light slice of cake.

 Leveraging the natural sweetness from the pear and complimenting it with a delicate red wine like our Austins & Co Pinot Noir, makes a delicate and delicious treat. Our cool climate Pinot Noir has a pretty nose of glacé cherry and cranberry, some spicy hints of clove and anise and a subtle oak imprint, therefore the flavours in the Pinot compliment the spices in the recipe perfectly.

 Our tip for beautiful, juicy, lavish pears

Make sure the pears are firm (not completely ripe), as they’ll be too soft once cooked. Poaching actually improves the taste of pears and the longer they can sit in the syrup after poaching, the better they’ll taste. The fruit becomes tender, reduces down and absorbs the beautiful flavour of the liquid.

 You can make this the day before serving and leave in the fridge for the pears to marinate overnight. 

Cook the pears cooked long enough to be able to easily slice through with a spoon



4 x Beurre Bosc Pears

1 x Vanilla Bean

1 x Star Anise

1 x Cinnamon Quill

80g Sugar

600ml Austins & Co. Pinot Noir


1. Slice the vanilla bean in half, length ways and remove seeds with a spoon.

2. Add all ingredients except pears, to a cast iron pot and bring to the boil.

3. Peel pears and reduce heat to low, add to the pot and cook pears for 50 minutes (or longer) on a low simmer.

4. Turn the pears half way through cooking to allow the wine to colour the entire pear. 

5. Serve with double cream, ice cream or a decadent mascarpone (and a glass of Pinot Noir).


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